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Finding Community in a Rehab Alumni Program

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Finding Community in a Rehab Alumni Program

A rehab alumni program can be the best way for you to develop an essential support network as part of your whole addiction aftercare plan. In encountering others who are currently on and have walked a similar journey, you will likely maintain some of those critical, helpful relationships with others you will meet in an alumni program for a lifetime, with those individuals becoming a pivotal part of your successful long term recovery story. Contact New Start Recovery online or call us at [Direct] today to learn how a rehab alumni program can help you enjoy a life of sobriety.

What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

As part of a rehab alumni program, you will stay connected with the staff that had originally helped you through rehab and remain in touch with other patients who also completed treatment through a variety of in-person and online events and opportunities. Addiction aftercare will provide you with a series of diverse events to keep you engaged and living a sober life. Some of the alumni program opportunities include:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Social outings
  • Cookouts
  • Social media rehab alumni groups
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Nature encounters
  • Arts and crafts
  • Volunteer events

Importance of Rehab Alumni

Throughout your treatment and rehab, but especially during addiction aftercare, healthy relationships are key to a successful, long-term recovery. The goal of a rehab alumni program is to help you maintain sobriety by providing advice, encouragement, and accountability and by giving you a place to find the joys of life once again. With a stable network of people who each have been through similar experiences, an alumni program aids your recovery by making it more engaging.

Rehab alumni will make future challenges easier to face. You may find that an alumni program will have added value because that network of support will reduce your risk of experiencing relapse. This is because one of the leading causes of a drug or alcohol relapse is social isolation. By uniting like-minded people with shared experiences, peers who are on a similar journey, a rehab alumni program can be your light when things get dark down the road.

Being Held Accountable

While there is a lot of fun to be had through an alumni program, one of the keys to addiction aftercare is accountability. A rehab alumni program will help to hold you accountable for your words, actions, and resilience to avoid triggers, resist temptation, stay sober, and put to use the life skills and coping mechanisms learned during therapy and treatment.

Being of Service to Your Community

Not only does a rehab alumni program foster the sense of community you will rely upon during your lifetime of recovery, community-based activities and events scheduled through an alumni program provide you with a way to give back and be of service to your community. The sense of purpose and satisfaction of being a contributing member of the community is vital to a lasting, successful recovery journey. When you give back, it honors the time others spent in aid of your own recovery. Volunteering, in general, allows people to feel they have a purpose and can help others. Other benefits of volunteerism through a rehab alumni program include:

  • Learning a new skill
  • Developing gratitude
  • Building empathy
  • Feeling a sense of community

Learn More at New Start Recovery

If you or someone you love is receiving treatment and rehab for a substance use disorder and is looking at addiction aftercare options, contact New Start Recovery using our secure online form or call us at [Direct] today to learn even more about how our rehab alumni program can be beneficial to your recovery.

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