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How Much is Addiction Costing You?

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How Much is Addiction Costing You?

how much is addictionThe money you use for drugs and alcohol could easily function as a down payment on a house instead. It’s crazy to think about how much money you’re spending for something that is slowly killing you. Most people will work as a stripper or work in prostitution and use the money they made for more dope. But how much money is that, exactly? How much money would you have if you didn’t spend it on more drugs? Let’s break it down-

How Much Are You Spending?


(1-2 grams/day)

An average heroin user spends anywhere between $70-$140 a day for their drugs. If you were to calculate the cost for monthly, it would cost $2,100 – $4,200 per month. Annually? It would be $25,200 – $50,400. This amount is close to a salary for someone working full-time. That means, if you didn’t spend money on heroin, you would have enough money to downpay for a house, buy a sweet car, fly around the world, or sign up for classes. 


Oxy is another popular drug choice among many. People will usually spend $150-300 a day to get high. At a monthly rate, it costs addicts $4,500 – $9,000 a month for oxy, and they spend $54,000 – $108,000 a year. For their yearly cost, you’d be able to afford a house fully, or pay for your absolute dream wedding.


Vicodin is yet another popular drug of choice. Many people will start taking Vicodin after an incident that causes them pain. They are usually told that it’s an addictive drug, but sometimes people misunderstand or take more than the dose anyway. Once you become addicted from it, people will usually spend $60-120 a day for more. This results to an average cost of $1,800 – $3,600 a month and $21,600 – $43,200 a year. If you saved this money, you’ll be able to live a comfortable life, travel and invest.


Alcohol isn’t surprising because a lot of people drink. For those who have an addiction, you could spend between $10 to $40 a day. Each week, you could spend $70-$300 for alcohol. The range is a little different because hard liquor does cost more, but you would drink less compared to beer. At a yearly rate, you could spend $5,000-$15,000. This could be the cost of a car or a really fun family vacation.


.5 gram/day

As an early smoker, you smoke less which results to spending less. But once you become more regular with smoking, you could be spending $20-40 a day on good quality meth. You may not think this is a lot compared to other drugs, but at a weekly rate, you’d be spending close between $140-280. By calculating this into an annual rate, you’d spend more than $11,000 a year for meth. At this rate, might as well buy a decent car, or get an apartment.

How Can You Stop Addiction?

Rather than funnel money into your habit over the course of a year (or less), you could instead pay cash for a drug detox/residential program. It’s so much money to put right back into your addiction, and overall will destroy your body and your bank account. If you have insurance, your treatment could be covered by our program. We also offer a cash rate discount for those who do not have insurance. Let us help you use your money for your future.

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