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Where to Find a MAT Clinic in California

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Where to Find a MAT Clinic in California

A MAT clinic is a facility that offers a medication-assisted treatment program. MAT programs are most often used to treat people with serious opioid problems. In some cases, the same term refers to a facility that treats people with alcohol problems. There are MAT clinics located in population centers throughout California. However, not all of these clinics offer the same treatment options. In addition, not all clinics operate under the same kinds of rules and regulations.

What MAT Clinics in California Do

All clinics that offer MAT for opioid problems feature two main forms of treatment as part of their program. The first of these treatments is the temporary use of a substitute opioid medication. The second is participation in at least one kind of psychotherapy.

Opioid medications play an important role in your recovery by doing two things:

  • Helping you halt your use of stronger, more dangerous opioids
  • Preventing the severe withdrawal that could occur if you quit all at once

You begin your detox from stronger opioids by taking a relatively large dose of the substitute medication. As you progress in withdrawal, your doctor gradually lowers that starting dose. Eventually, you will no longer need the substitute medication. A non-opioid medication called naltrexone helps you stay opioid-free. Therapy provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to support your long-term sobriety effectively.

Finding a MAT Clinic in California: Facilities That Provide Methadone Treatment

Methadone is one of the two substitute opioids used in MAT. This medication is relatively strong and has a significant risk for potential abuse. For this reason, federal law restricts access to methadone. You can only find it in designated clinics approved by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA. How can you tell if a clinic is SAMHSA-approved? That agency will list it as a certified opioid treatment program, or OTP.

Finding a MAT Clinic in California: Programs That Use Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine, the second opioid substitute, is weaker than methadone. For this reason, federal law permits its use in a wider variety of settings. Any facility or individual doctor can potentially write prescriptions for the medication. Certain other medical professionals can also provide it, including:

  • Physician’s assistants
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Certified nurse-midwives

Before offering buprenorphine, all professionals must apply for a SAMHSA waiver.

Resources for Finding a Medication-Assisted Program in Your Area

Are you looking for MAT providers in your area? Several different resources can help aid your search. One place to start is SAMHSA. The agency maintains a directory of all approved methadone clinics across the country. It also maintains a database of medical professionals with a buprenorphine waiver.

General physicians are another excellent potential resource. Today, most doctors know about MAT providers in their area. They can also make specific recommendations about the kind of MAT you need.

Today, it’s also easy to contact local MAT programs directly. An Internet search will probably provide you with at least a few options. Just remember that not everyone can offer MAT. Make sure that any program you contact is a legal, certified provider.

Find a California MAT Clinic With Help From New Start Recovery

Have more questions about finding a MAT clinic in California? New Start Recovery can help. We understand the factors that go into effective MAT treatment. We also know how to help you find options suited for your current situation.

Ready to get started in MAT treatment? New Start Recovery is an approved provider of buprenorphine-based care. We support your recovery with a customized plan based on this medication. To learn more about our in-house MAT program, call us today at [Direct]. We’re also available through our online form.

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