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30 Days Without Alcohol Can Benefit You

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30 Days Without Alcohol Can Benefit You

Many people think of alcohol as a substance that allows them to relax, numb their negative thoughts and feelings, and be comfortable overall. And with alcohol being legal all around the world, people are constantly using it to their advantage. Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is not necessarily unhealthy, but when misused over time, it can become unhealthy. Alcohol can become especially problematic when you drink a moderate amount nearly every day. Drinking more than the suggested limit throughout the week can interfere with your health, happiness, and safety. Because of the adverse effects of chronic alcohol use, it is becoming more common for people to attempt 30 days no alcohol. This is a way to reset the system with a multitude of benefits for your health, mind, and body.

If you want to reset your life, you may be interested in trying the 30 days no alcohol challenge. Quitting alcohol is not the easiest feat, but New Start Recovery is here to help you get through it. Our alcohol addiction treatment programs provide the support, medication, and therapies you need to succeed with quitting alcohol, whether you are trying to abstain for a month or make it a lifelong commitment. Let us help you find your way to healthier living. Give us a call today at [Direct] to learn more about how we can help you overcome alcohol addiction.

The Benefits of 30 Days No Alcohol

“Waking up feeling fresh and well-rested every day was one of my favorite parts of not drinking for a month.” – Amanda Montell

Many people find that when they spend a month away from alcohol, they are motivated to remove it from their lives permanently. As the quote above explains, spending time away from alcohol makes you realize the negative effects that can creep up over time. Once you get through any discomfort from withdrawal or cravings, you begin to notice how much better you feel. Here are some of the top benefits you may experience if you try 30 days no alcohol:

Clearer thinking

When you stop drinking alcohol, your mind begins to clear up. Instead of drinking to ignore your problems, you are facing them head-on. This allows you to problem solve and handle life situations more effectively.

Improved health of the body and mind

You will have more energy, your skin will clear up, and your face will brighten and look less puffy and blotchy. Alcohol contains empty calories, so you may lose weight, drop the belly bloat, and improve your figure.

Reduced risk of diseases

When you drink, the probability of developing liver disease, stroke, or cancer increases. Taking a break from alcohol will reduce the probability of those diseases.

Reduced tolerance

The more time you take away from alcohol, the easier it is to get intoxicated from drinking. This is a positive thing because your usual alcohol consumption may naturally decrease, and you will not feel like you need to drink excessively to feel the effects.

Decreased dependence

The less you drink, the less dependent you will be on regular alcohol consumption. This also reduces the want and need to drink, making it easier to curb or eliminate your drinking.

More restful sleep

It is a fact that the more you drink, the easier it will be to pass out and fall asleep. This is one of the reasons why people drink before bed. However, your body tends to wake up more throughout the night, and you have a harder time falling back asleep. By taking a break or stopping completely, you will regain your normal sleeping patterns so you can fall asleep easier without disruptions in the middle of the night.

Struggling With 30 Days No Alcohol? Reach Out to New Start Recovery for Support

If you find yourself struggling with 30 days sober, you might have already become dependent on alcohol, which can indicate that you have an alcohol addiction. You do not have to deal with this alone when you put your trust in New Start Recovery. Call us at [Direct] or chat with us on our website to start benefiting from our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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