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Can You Get Addicted to Xanax

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Can You Get Addicted to Xanax

Xanax is a sedative or tranquilizer mostly used to treat anxiety disorders. The generic name for the same benzodiazepine medication is alprazolam. Can you get addicted to Xanax? Yes. If you misuse the medication, addiction can occur. Anyone affected by this problem should seek help from a Xanax addiction treatment program as soon as possible.

To learn more about how addiction occurs, reach out to one of the trained addiction specialists at New Start Recovery [Direct]. If you suspect that you or a loved one may be addicted to Xanax, we can help get you on the road to recovery.

How Problems Start

All benzodiazepines, or benzos, are potentially addictive. This ability stems from the changes these medications make in your brain chemistry. One key change is the creation of sensations of euphoria. Think of these sensations as everyday pleasure ramped up to a much higher level.

The euphoria produced by Xanax and other benzos is relatively mild. Still, it can be enough to help trigger the beginning of medication misuse. You misuse Xanax when you take actions such as:

  • Shortening the time you wait between doses
  • Increasing the amount you take at once
  • Taking Xanax prescribed to someone else
  • Trying to speed up the effect of the medication on your system
  • Using Xanax solely for its euphoric properties

All of these actions can speed up the pace of Xanax dependence.

Physical Dependence Arrives

Your brain will do what it can to cope with the presence of Xanax. At first, this typically means restoring your system to normal between doses of the medication. But eventually, your brain will shift its coping strategy. Instead of treating Xanax as a chemical outsider, it will come to expect the medication’s presence.

When you reach this state, you are physically dependent on Xanax. If you don’t take enough of it to fulfill your brain’s demands, you will start to enter a state of withdrawal. Withdrawal produces symptoms that make you feel both mentally and physically unwell.

The risks for physical dependence vary from one benzo to another. Xanax misuse creates a significant boost in your level of risk. Why? The medication is both:

  • High in potency
  • Rapid in its impact on your system

Together, these factors substantially increase the odds that physical dependence will follow misuse.

Start of Full-Blown Addiction

As a rule, you are not addicted to Xanax simply because physical dependence is present. Your doctor can help you control your dependence and stop before more serious problems develop. Addiction occurs when you are not only physically dependent on Xanax. In addition, you become psychologically dependent. This happens when you develop an additional emotional need for Xanax.

The common result of physical and emotional dependence is involuntary drug-seeking behavior. When this behavior appears, you lose control over your urges to use more Xanax. This loss of control stands as one of the most reliable signs that full-blown addiction has begun. It also helps explain why people affected by addiction have such tremendous difficulty regulating their Xanax use. In addition, it underscores the nature of addiction as a disease.

Seek Xanax Addiction Treatment at New Start Recovery

Effective Xanax addiction treatment is available. You can find this treatment at New Start Recovery. Our staff of specialists can diagnose the presence of this form of addiction. We can also determine the appropriate treatment options if you are affected.

No matter the extent of your addiction, you’ll receive a customized recovery plan designed specifically for you. This plan will include the best possible treatments for your situation. In this way, we seek to return to sobriety a realistic, achievable goal. For more information on how we can help, call today at [Direct]. As an alternative, you can complete our online information form.

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