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Connect With Our Rehab Alumni Program This Holiday Season

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Connect With Our Rehab Alumni Program This Holiday Season

When you complete addiction treatment, you’ve set a firm foundation for remaining sober in the future. However, over time, this foundation can lose some of its reliability. That’s why addiction specialists universally recommend that you stay in touch with important recovery resources. This can be especially important during the holidays. To meet your needs, you might consider joining a rehab alumni program.

At New Start Recovery, we maintain a robust rehab alumni community. By joining this community, you can gain a variety of important benefits. These benefits will not only help you stay sober in the holiday season. They will also help you make sobriety a permanent fixture of your everyday life.

What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

In some ways, completing rehab is like graduating from school. When you started treatment, you met people from all walks of life. It’s likely that at least some of these people came from very different backgrounds. However, by going through the shared experience of treatment, you now form a group of peers who:

  • Understand the difficulty of getting and staying sober
  • Face the prospect of maintaining sobriety over time
  • Need all the help you can get to meet your long-term sobriety goals

A rehab alumni community allows you and your recovery peers to get that help. It does so, in part, by letting you stay connected with those peers. It also helps you by giving program alumni continued access to professional recovery support.

Benefits of a Rehab Alumni Community

Research shows that ongoing support is crucial to lasting sobriety. Some of this support comes from trained recovery specialists. However, peer support is also a vital resource. Help from your peers serves as an extra safety net for your sobriety. The benefits of this added help boost the odds that you will keep your recovery on course.

What Alumni Program Support Does New Start Recovery Offer?

New Start’s rehab alumni program helps support your long-term sobriety in several different ways. Specific benefits include:

  • Access to important counseling services
  • An alumni fitness program
  • Life skills training and support

New Start alumni counseling services are conducted by certified addiction counselors. These specialists have the skill and experience needed to assist you in all kinds of situations. Scheduled sessions are available in-person, as well as through video calls and phone calls. We can also provide you with sober companions if you need help maintaining sobriety at specific events.

It’s well-known that sound physical and mental health is important for sober living. Our alumni fitness program helps you stay healthy with indoor and outdoor activities. Life skills services offered to our rehab alumni community include job placement and resume assistance. It also includes budgeting assistance, education placement, and help to make sober living arrangements.

Communication is Key to Our Alumni Program Support

Communication is essential to any rehab alumni program. At New Start, we help keep alumni conversations going in several different ways. If you like, you can join our private, dedicated Facebook group. All alumni are invited to share as much and as often as they feel comfortable doing whether you’re sharing sobriety victories or setbacks, your voice matters.

We also encourage other forms of communication between our alumni. And it doesn’t matter how long ago you completed treatment. Some alumni have been sober for years or even longer. Others are taking their first steps toward sobriety in everyday life. Everyone has valuable experiences and perspectives to share.

Join New Start’s Rehab Alumni Program Today

Ready to gain the many benefits of peer and professional support for the holidays and beyond? Just click on our Alumni Program page to get started. We’re looking forward to helping you get the most from your long-term recovery efforts.

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