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Benefits of an IOP During the Holiday Season

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Benefits of an IOP During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is marked by many things in communities across America. That includes a predictable spike in the symptoms of drug and alcohol problems. If you’re struggling with these problems during the holidays, you may need to enroll in an appropriate treatment program. Depending on your circumstances, your treatment options may include an intensive outpatient program or IOP.

At New Start Recovery, we can help you stay on your sober path during the holidays. Reach out to an addiction specialist by calling [Direct].

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

When you think of outpatient addiction treatment, you may have just a single kind of program in mind. However, in reality, multiple types of programs exist. One common option is an IOP. Like the two other outpatient options, standard care, and partial hospitalization, IOPs do not offer live-in treatment. Instead, you live at home and attend scheduled treatment at your facility.

Where IOPs differ is the amount of treatment they provide. While enrolled, you will receive treatment for anywhere from nine to 19 hours each week. In contrast, standard outpatient care provides eight hours of weekly treatment or less. Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, provide a minimum of 20 hours of treatment each week. People in IOPs need more help than standard care can offer. However, they don’t need as much help as people in PHPs.

You must meet certain criteria for admission into an IOP. The exact standards may vary from program to program. However, generally speaking, participants:

  • Live in a stable household environment
  • Are free from major physical or mental health problems
  • Have a dependable support network
  • Don’t have a high risk of relapsing between treatment sessions
  • Show the capacity to thrive in a group setting

This last attribute is important because IOPs often provide treatment in the form of group therapy.

Maintaining Sobriety in an IOP During the Holidays

Treatment in an intensive outpatient program is excellent support for maintaining holiday sobriety. You can benefit from this treatment in several ways, including:

  • Keeping your holiday stress within tolerable levels
  • Gaining needed access to expert advice and assistance
  • Refreshing and reinforcing your sobriety maintenance skills

Between your IOP sessions, you may find staying sober a much more achievable holiday goal.

Getting Peer Support in an IOP During the Holidays

In an IOP, you will find many people with experiences similar to your own. Those experiences will likely include the struggle to stay sober during the holidays. Talking to others in the same situation as you can help ease any feelings of isolation. You can also ask for peer advice and potentially get a clearer perspective on your addiction struggles.

Seeking Professional Assistance in an IOP During the Holidays

The peer support available in an IOP is important. However, you will benefit at least as much from the assistance provided by your treatment team. As a rule, these professionals are well-aware of the toll the holidays can take on your sobriety. The care they provide can be crucial in helping you keep your efforts on track. You may also gain additional benefits from group treatment. These benefits come from watching your therapist work with others who share your situation.

Turn to New Start Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program

At New Start Recovery, we offer multiple forms of outpatient addiction treatment. That includes an intensive outpatient program. Need help during the holidays? Our IOP is available throughout the year in our sober living homes.

While in treatment, you’ll get the help you need to keep your sobriety going. We can also help you return to abstinence if you’ve experienced a relapse. Our 90-day program makes it possible to transition smoothly back into a sober everyday routine. Call us today at [Direct] or complete our brief online form to learn more about our IOP.

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