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MAT Program in Orange County, California

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MAT Program in Orange County, California

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is substance treatment that includes both medication and psychotherapy. Doctors often use this treatment when helping people with opioid problems. You may also receive it if you have serious alcohol problems. A MAT program in Orange County, CA, may be vital to your opioid or alcohol addiction recovery.

At New Start Recovery, we include comprehensive MAT services among our many treatment options. In MAT, we don’t just focus on the specific symptoms of your condition. We also take steps to support your general health and well-being. In this way, we aim to make the treatment process as beneficial as possible.

The Benefits of a MAT Program in Orange County, CA

Medication-assisted treatment has several important goals. The main objective is to promote your full recovery from opioid or alcohol problems. Within this larger objective, MAT also seeks to do such things as:

  • Make it easier to complete the treatment process
  • Decrease the odds that you will return to substance use
  • Reduce your chances of dying from substance problems
  • Improve your ability to follow a stable, functional daily routine

Does MAT work? Research shows that it does. Not everyone will receive the same level of benefit. However, participation in MAT can undoubtedly make a full recovery a more realistic outcome.

MAT Programs in Orange County, CA for Opioid Addiction

The idea of MAT is applied most often to treating opioid use disorder. This is the name for an illness that includes both opioid addiction and serious, non-addicted abuse. Three types of medication are used in MAT for opioid problems:

  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone

Methadone and buprenorphine are not used together. Instead, you will receive one of these medications. That’s true because they both serve the same purpose. Namely, they help you detox from opioids by serving as temporary substitutes during the withdrawal process. Naltrexone is only used once you are opioid-free. It helps you avoid relapsing by blocking the euphoric effects of opioid drugs and medications.

Several kinds of psychotherapy can play a role in MAT. There are therapies available to help you stay motivated during treatment. These same therapy options can make it easier to meet your specific recovery goals. MAT therapy can also help you resolve important family issues or prepare to join a self-help group.

MAT Therapy Programs in Orange County, CA for Alcohol Addiction

It’s also common to receive medication and psychotherapy while recovering from alcohol problems. The program you’re enrolled in may use the term MAT to describe its alcohol treatment services. However, it may not.

The medications used to treat alcohol problems include disulfiram and acamprosate. Naltrexone can also play a role. Disulfiram helps reduce your relapse risks by triggering feelings of sickness when you drink. Acamprosate helps correct alcoholism-related changes in your normal brain function. As with opioids, naltrexone helps block the effects of alcohol.

Most of the therapy options useful for treating opioid problems are also useful for treating alcohol problems. You may also benefit from additional options. That includes something called CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT helps you avoid relapsing once you return to everyday life.

Turn to New Start Recovery for a Medication-Assisted Treatment Program in Orange County, CA

Need a medication-assisted treatment program in Orange County, CA? Turn to the professionals at New Start Recovery. We specialize in MAT services for people with opioid problems. We also provide the same high standard of care for people with alcohol problems.

Our MAT services are fully customized to your situation. Call us today at [Direct] to determine if this treatment option is right for you. You can also contact us through our online form.

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