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Sober Living Homes Available in Orange County

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Sober Living Homes Available in Orange County

When you complete a substance treatment program, you still may not be ready to return fully to everyday life. Instead, you need a place where you can transition back into your normal routine at a more gradual pace. Sober living homes are designed to fulfill this need. They provide an intermediate step in your journey toward long-term abstinence. In this way, sober living homes in Orange County may play a crucial role in your recovery process.

Sober Living Homes in Orange County Vs. Halfway Houses

When you hear the term sober living home, you may think of halfway houses. Both facilities allow you to transition from a treatment program to daily life. However, they differ in important ways. For example, halfway homes typically limit how long you can stay. In contrast, residency in a sober living home is open-ended. You can stay as long as needed to prepare yourself for the next phase in your recovery.

Funding is another significant area of difference. Many halfway houses rely on government funding to operate. This means that the available resources at a given house may change from year to year. Generally, sober living homes don’t use government resources to fund their facilities. This means that there tends to be greater stability in their long-term operation.

How Sober Living Homes in Orange County Function

Sober living homes in Orange County are typically set up as multi-bedroom houses. They’re often located in suburban settings and designed to blend in with other homes in the area. During your stay, you will share the facility with other people transitioning out of primary treatment.

One of the chief goals of a sober living home is providing a substance-free environment. To meet this goal, a home typically has a set of rules that all residents must follow. Common examples of these rules include such things as:

  • A curfew that requires you to be home by a certain time of day
  • Random testing helps ensure that you don’t use drugs or alcohol
  • Required attendance at the home’s meetings
  • Performance of assigned chores that help keep the home functioning

Sober living homes don’t provide formal substance treatment. However, they often encourage or require enrollment in a 12-step program or other self-help groups. There is also a strong emphasis placed on peer relationships within the home. Ideally, all participants work together to create a supportive network that benefits everyone.

Do Sober Living Homes in Orange County Work?

Are there real-world benefits to enrolling in a sober living home? Research shows that the answer to this question is yes. Specific advantages found among participants include:

  • An improved ability to stay completely sober
  • Reduction of substance use when complete sobriety is not maintained
  • Fewer symptoms of additional mental health problems
  • Increased chances of getting and holding a job
  • Decreased odds of taking part in criminal activity and/or getting arrested

These benefits are not limited to just a select few social groups. Instead, they generally apply to people from all walks of life.

Learn More About Sober Living Homes in Orange County at New Start Recovery

Need more information on your sober living options in Orange County? Just contact the recovery specialists at New Start. We can answer any question you may have about the benefits of sober living homes. We can also prepare you to expect when you enroll in a local facility.

New Start Recovery also directly provides top-quality resources through our sober living program. We’re dedicated to maintaining an environment that supports your smooth, substance-free return to your daily routine. To learn more, call us today at [Direct] or fill out our brief online form.

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