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How to Find a Sober Roommate

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How to Find a Sober Roommate

There is not much more detrimental to your sobriety than being exposed to temptation all day, every day in your own home. Open wine bottles, beer cans in the trash, and parties every other weekend will make it nearly impossible to live a sober lifestyle. That might have been okay or even appealing in college, but not so much in recovery. Whether through a support group, a sober living program, or an internet search, finding a sober roommate is easier than ever. However you decide to go about it, it is important to ensure your home life is safe, supportive, and sober.

If you are wondering how to find a sober roommate, reach out to New Start Recovery. We can help connect you with the right sober roommate through our sober living program. Maintaining your sobriety is a much easier task when you have a strong support system at home, and having a roommate on the same page as you can reinforce your decision to stay sober. Call us today at [Direct] to learn more about finding sober roommates in your area.

Sober Living Programs Can Provide a Structured Environment

Sober living programs are the best way to ensure your home life is sober and centered around recovery. They are especially beneficial as people trying to overcome addiction graduate from detox and recovery. Some of the benefits of sober living houses include:

  • Providing other sober roommates – This takes the burden off trying to find your roommate.
  • Acting as a buffer between recovery and the real world – Think of them as transition homes.
  •  Creating a safe environment for their residents – House rules can help curb behaviors that may threaten your sobriety.

While sober living programs can be an ideal choice after you leave an addiction treatment program, keep in mind that not all sober living houses are equal. Some fail to uphold standards or enforce rules, which defeats the purpose of sober living.

A sober living house should have:

  • A live-in manager
  • A curfew
  • Random drug tests

These three things make up the basic foundation of a temptation-free and safe environment. However, there are other features that sober living houses should include as well. For example, in-house meetings and meeting cards are good features because they will help residents stay on track and keep them accountable for their recovery.

New Start Detox is dedicated to helping people through their recovery. Learn more about what you should be looking for when finding a sober living house.

How to Find a Sober Roommate Through Word of Mouth

The easiest way to find a roommate has always been word of mouth. This method does not change much when you become sober, except that you need to ask if that potential roommate is in recovery or leads a sober lifestyle.

Your roommate search is one thing you are allowed to be very picky about. Do not worry about sounding off-putting or selective when speaking with people about potential roommates. You need to feel safe in your own home, and having a roommate who drinks or uses drugs does not help that.

Try Online Platforms for Sober Roommates

Sometimes a person overcoming addiction may need to leave old connections if detrimental to their recovery. Word of mouth can be problematic if you are still in the process of meeting new people and making new connections. Fortunately, there are online platforms created for the sole purpose of helping people in recovery connect with others who are also in recovery.

  • – Roommates in Sobriety was started by the founders of Connections in Recovery, two sober women with a common desire to help others find a safe place to live after treatment. The site is free to use and available to anyone looking for a sober roommate across the United States. The site has an option to post a roommate profile and list a property that needs a roommate.
  • – An addiction recovery therapist created My Sober Roommate out of a desire to help his clients find sober living connections. Not only can you fill out a roommate profile, but the site also allows you to message other site users to find your best match.

Support Groups May Help You Meet Sober Roommates

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can also be a resource for finding sober roommates. However, helping people find roommates is not the purpose of AA, so it should not be exploited. Support groups rather fall along the same lines as word of mouth. Surrounding yourself with other sober people and making friends and connections at meetings will drastically increase your chances of finding a like-minded person who is also in need of a safe living environment.

Matching your living situation to your actual lifestyle is incredibly important. Living with someone in recovery means sharing stories and similar hobbies rather than cleaning up crushed Bud Light cans and constantly covering more than your share of the rent. And those are just the obvious reasons to want a sober roommate. Living with a roommate who is not in recovery can also be a relapse trigger for trying to stay clean.

New Start Recovery: Your Resource for Sober Living Programs

Your home should be conducive to your sobriety. However, you cannot live sober if you do not get sober. New Start Recovery can help you get past addiction and find the right living situation after treatment. Call us at [Direct] for a free and confidential screening if you or someone you know is ready for addiction treatment.

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