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What to Expect in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

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What to Expect in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Millions of Americans are affected by a serious problem with prescription drugs. While some of these people do not meet the criteria for addiction, many do. If addiction is present, you need help from a prescription drug addiction treatment program to recover. But what happens in this kind of program? Well-designed programs have certain features in common. However, the specifics of your recovery journey will depend on the substance affecting you.

What to Expect in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment, Part 1: Detox

Several different groups or types of prescription drugs are capable of triggering addiction. The primary culprits are:

  • Natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic opioids
  • Benzodiazepines and other kinds of sedatives and tranquilizers
  • Amphetamine and other prescription stimulants

All of these medications share something in common. If you get addicted to them, your recovery starts with supervised detoxification or detox. During your time in detox, you stop using the medication in question. This may happen all at once or gradually over time. You also go through prescription drug withdrawal. This is the name for your brain and body’s reaction to halting your medication use.

Withdrawal is a challenging process. On your own, you might easily fail to complete it. But in supervised detox, you get the support you need to make it through withdrawal successfully. You also receive prompt help for any problems that occur during this process. In addition, detox is designed to help you prepare for the next phase in your recovery. This phase is active addiction treatment.

What to Expect in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment, Part 2: Active Treatment

Detox helps you make the initial break away from prescription drug abuse. However, it does not teach you how to stay sober long-term. To learn how to do this, you must move from detox to an active treatment program. If you don’t do this, you can easily fall right back into your old pattern of medication abuse.

There are treatment programs designed specifically for each category of addictive medication. All of these programs have the same kinds of overall goals. Namely, they help you:

  • Avoid an addiction relapse during the period following detox
  • Learn more about the nature of addiction
  • Uncover the thoughts, emotions, and behavior that support addiction
  • Develop new, healthier mental and behavioral habits
  • Make practical plans for maintaining your sobriety in everyday life

But depending on the medication type, the methods used to achieve these goals can vary. If you’re recovering from prescription opioid addiction, your treatment plan will probably include medication and psychotherapy. As a rule, plans for other forms of prescription drug addiction also include psychotherapy. However, they may not include medication.

What to Expect in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment, Part 3: Evidence-Based Care

Today, all high-quality prescription drug rehabs rely on evidence-based care. This is the term for treatments that have undergone rigorous scientific study. While a given evidence-based treatment will not help everyone, it will help many affected people. Reliance to this kind of high-quality care increases the odds that your recovery will be successful.

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